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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

EvoWorld Entertainment, INC is a Alabama-based entertainment enterprise serving as a liaison between artists and the global music market. Established in 2015, EvoWorld desired to create a brand that focused on all genres of music to provide professional management services, public relations, networking, marketing, recording, and distribution.  EVOWORLD ENTERTAINMENT, we do what it takes to stay ahead of the game. Our dedicated, experienced team incorporates innovative ideas and successful strategies to ensure that our clients get to the top and stay there. Since 2015, we have been leaders in creating buzzworthy campaigns for a wide array of industries on a global scale.

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Our team is made up of talented professionals who come from diverse backgrounds, which gives Evoworld  an unbeatable advantage: multidisciplinary expertise. We are a friendly and creative bunch, and look forward to helping your brand advance and adapt to today’s needs.

Our talented, dedicated staff brings years of experience and success to EvoWorld Entertainment. We infuse passion into every project, no matter the scale. Learn more about our team and how we can help showcase your brand.



I started this company to try and provide the label experience for those without a label. It was essential to me that we approach everything from the artist's perspective for the artist. Every one won't get to sign to the major labels, but you can still get that experience and quality through what we do. 

Lisa Knowles-Smith, Chief Executive Officer

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