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EvoWorld Entertainment, INC is a Alabama based entertainment enterprise serving as a liaison between artists and the global music market. Established in 2015, it was EvoWorld's desire to create a brand that focused on all genres of music to provide professional management services, public relations, networking, marketing, recording, and distribution.

Financial Strategy

One of our goals is to develop a sound and strategic financial plan which provides for both the company and artist to financially capitalize.


EvoWorld serves as a catalyst for artists to go beyond making a song but creating a sound that will impact the nations. Our job in administration is to help oversee your operations to fit everyone’s needs. 

Artist Development

We desire to help each artist process and develop in the necessary areas to build a professional career. Transforming the WORLD of gospel music one artist at a time. 


One of the goals of EvoWorld is to expand and maximize an artist’s reach using the platforms of traditional and social media. 

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EvoWorld Entertainmet/Music Group's mission is to serve as an engine to provide great musical possibilities. Keeping the integrity of music alive and delivering the best in gospel music.  Refining the quality of music and committed to staying ahead of the trends that develop the ever-changing music market.

Recording Music



EvoWorld is committed to channeling its passion for music and variety, while facilitating the growth of each artist that they represent. We look forward to releasing an undeniable stream of quality music by some of the most gifted and unique musicians of our generation. 

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The work of EVOWORLD  has been known to push artistic boundaries. We want to help you develop in every area of your artistry. Set up a consultation so that we can access where you are and try to help you get where you want to be. 

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